Mathematica Benchmark Site

A number of Mathematica users have begun to collect timings for various kinds of Mathematica functions and programs on many different computer configurations. On this page we will collect the data and point to other Web sites that carry the same data and may be updated more regularly.

If you have a computer that is not represented here or has a significantly different configuration, you might run the programs and send your results to the authors represented here. Please make sure that you include the relevant hardware configuration elements, the operating system, program run, Mathematica version, and the timing results.

Remember that benchmarks are highly variable and can depend on what other programs might be running on your machines and what you might have done previously in your Mathematica session. These numbers can provide you with a guide on what computers run what kind of calculations quickly.

Benchmark Sites

These timings are also regularly posted to the Mathematica newsgroup comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica and to the MathGroup Mathematica email list.
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