Need help with your tensor analysis?
MathTensor for Mathematica provides more than 250 new functions and objects
for elementary and advanced tensor analysis.


A Mathematica-based package for performing tensor analysis by computer.

"The creation of MathTensor will open a new chapter in the development of all fields of science and engineering that use serious tensor analysis." - Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica.

"There's not a company on the globe that offers such great customer service. This was actually the thing that convinced me to purchase the software. Customer service along with a great product make this the best software package I've seen. Nobody comes close to you guys." - Peter Salzman, University of California at Davis.

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Availability and Pricing

MathTensor is available for all machines that run Mathematica 2.x to 9.x. For ordering and pricing information, contact MathTensor, Inc. or ask your local Mathematica/MathTensor dealer. Credit card purchases are now available from MathTensor, Inc.via PayPal. Contact us for details.

Example Applications

The MathTensor Book

The MathTensor Book without software can be purchased from by doing a search for keyword MathTensor.

Some MathTensor User Sites

Some MathTensor User Sites

Applications Areas

MathTensor has been used in the following application Areas:

Company History

The development of MathTensor began in the mid-1980's when Leonard Parker, a Professor of Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Steve Christensen, then a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Illinois, independently started developing SMP (a precursor to Mathematica by Stephen Wolfram) tensor analysis systems as well as specialized C programs for doing large gravitational physics computations by computer. After the introduction of early versions of Mathematica, Parker and Christensen began to work together to create a general purpose tensor analysis package that was powerful yet easy-to-learn and use.

In the early 1990's, MathTensor was introduced as a commercial product licensed to MathSolutions, Inc., a Delaware S-Corporation, with offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MathSolutions, Inc. has recently changed its corporate name to MathTensor, Inc.

The Founders

Steven M. Christensen

Leonard Parker

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